TIL that I’ve just been wingin’ it for too long

This thought was just floating through my head, but I wanted to capture it and put it in writing, so here it is.

In university, I liked linguistics, and I did quite well in the subject. Did I do well because I liked the subject matter?

I felt like even though I didn’t study that much, I just got it. It just made sense to me.

In contrast, when I would come across some topic or concept in my other classes, say in my business classes, that I found difficult, I wouldn’t try as hard to get it.

So this got me thinking. Did I just do better in my linguistics classes because I could wing it and still get by with it?

And I feel it was the same with many other things. I could get by with stuff. But that streak won’t last. You might think, “Duh. What did you expect?” Well, I do need a reality check I think.

At any rate, that got me thinking. I must really like to just do what I want to do. Like, I can’t be forced to do things I don’t want to do. And I don’t like to be taken out of my comfort zone and be exposed to unfamiliar material, concepts, situations, etc.

But this is something I need to work on.


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