How to input ü on your smartphone

The other day I was chatting with a Chinese speaker I met through Hellotalk, and wanted to type the character for woman (女), but didn’t know how.

The pinyin for this character happens to be [nü], and I didn’t know how to input the u umlaut (ü) on my phone.

I tried several variations such as [ny], [nuu], [nue] (the way that ü is represented in German when u umlaut is unavailable), and [nui], but none of these worked.

Obviously I also tried pressing and holding the “u” key to see if the u umlaut would show up, but it didn’t. Normally in regular English character mode, pressing and holding the “u” key will show multiple options such as [ü], [ú], [ù], and [û]. But none of these options showed when I tried long pressing the “u” key in the Chinese input mode.

Well, I asked this same person I was chatting with and another Chinese speaking person how to input the umlaut u key, and learned that you have to use the [v] key to input the u umlaut.

If you type “Nv” –> you will see 女 among the available characters.

Below is a screenshot for a closer look:
Type v to input ü



Hope that was helpful for those of you learning Mandarin! 加油! 🙂


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